LG Optimus 2x gets ICS upgrade

Owners of LG Optimus 2x, World’s First Dual Core Smartphone, have a good news of Ice cream sandwich based v30a firmware update being provided to their handsets. The upgrade had already been provided to users in Korea. Recent reports suggest that users of LG Optimus 2x in Europe will soon get the option of upgrading ICS in their phone sets as well. With the ICS upgrade LG Optimus 2x users will be able to enjoy improved performance of latest apps along with newer and advanced versions of applications like Google Chrome, Gmail and Google Calendar. ICS optimises the use of multicore chipsets and thus this update had been needed since long. Although its hard to tell as to why has the Jelly bean update not been provided to LG Optimus 2x users. Lets hope that pretty soon even the Indian customers and fans of LG Optimus 2x will be able to enjoy the benefits of an ICS upgrade.

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