LG New Chocolate BL40 is very stylish!

LG New Chocolate BL40 – a unique phone with thin and tall profile – is a fashionable phone with jam-packed features. LG BL40 launched worldwide in October 2009 has arrived in India late January 2010. The New Chocolate BL40 is part of LG’s Black Label Series/portfolio. LG-new-chocolate-bl40 LG BL40 is an extra-ordinarily stylish device. The device has a good 4 inch (102mm) capacitative touchscreen interface with 800×345 pixel resolution to maximize the visual experience! What makes the phone very unique is its 21:9 aspect ratio – making the device a fully cinematic compatible handset! This will enable anyone to have a full cinematic image without images getting cropped as it happens in other phones like HTC Hero or iPhone. The ‘Real VGA’ screen has good colour depth and renders the images beautifully with natural colours. Watching videos is a bliss! In the landscape mode, the screen is very wide. Folks at LG have made a good use of the width by enabling applications to use the real-estate by splitting the screen. The applications can show one set of data on the left-hand side and the other on the right-hand side. For example while sending the message, the contacts will be displayed on the left hand side and the message can be shown on the right hand side. The phone has a full-blown virtual on-screen QWERTY keyboard. This makes the typing/texting a very easy process. The device has a 5.0 Megapixels camera, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, all google apps and loads of tools and utilities. It is available in Indian stores at a price tag ranging between Rs. 26000 – 29000/- Checkout here for good deals
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