LG Mobile Claims True Leadership of LTE


It is true that LG is few steps ahead in mobile LTE than any other player in the industry. Apparently LG gained the recognition as a true expert in establishing the technological standards of LTE. Not only the industry recognized their expertise but also LG claims the true leadership by holding 23 percent of essential LTE patents. The company with their human centered innovation team is busy since 2007 in skimming out the best of breed possibilities in terms of LTE technology. LG  with their enormous efforts put forth were able to achieve some major milestones. Some of the biggest achievements by this Korean innovator are lg-lte
  • 3GSM : World’s First LTE OTA (Over-the-Air) demo in February, 2007
  • Live Air handover demo at Bonn, Germany in September, 2008
  • World’s First modem IC released in December, 2008
  • First company to receive FCC Certification of LTE Units in June, 2009
  • World’s first Successful LTE/CDMA Handover demo in August, 2009
  • World’s first RF Integrated L2000 developed in the month of December, 2009
  • World’s first demonstration of LTE/eHRPD (evolved High Rate Packet Data) handover at CES 2010 (January, 2010)
  • First to receive LTE TELEC in Japan in January 2010
  • World’s first LTE ready HSPA terminal to AT&T, USA in January 2010
  • Launch of world’s first LTE/CDMA dual mode USB modems by Verizon Wireless in USA [VL600], December 2010
  • World’s first LTE/HSPA dual mode terminal to NTT DoCoMo, Japan in the month of December 2010
  • World’s first LTE data/ voice CPE, by Vodafone in Germany during May 2011
  • Launch of LG Revolution, LG’s first LTE Smartphone in May,2011
  • LG is leader in LTE holding 23 percent of essential LTE patents, followed by Qualcomm with 21 percent and 9 percent Motorola Mobility/ InterDigital, Nokia/SS
Other achievements including
  • Launch of World’s first smartphone with dual-core processor
  • Introduction of True HD IPS to smartphones
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