LG India brings in Smartphone Idea Camp for its future smartphone line-up

LG India has introduced an amazing chance for its consumers that can grant them to win prizes worth Rs.15 lakh. It’s the launch of the Smartphone Idea Camp by the electronic giant that’s the source of the prizes to be won. All that one has to do is to just submit his/her unique app, feature, concept, service, design and user interface ideas that he/she desires in the smartphone. It’s a step towards knowing the ideas that come in the minds of the consumers. Rather, it is more like feedback that the company wants to get from the users in terms of ideas amongst the aforesaid points. LG-Smartphone-Idea-Camp[1] The Smartphone Idea Camp will grant a cash prize of Rs.15,00,000 to the one, whose idea gets selected. Apart from this, word is, the selected ideas would get included in LG’s future smartphone line-up. The camp started on 1st of August and will continue till 15th of August. Degrees of creativity, imagination and utility have been taken into account as the criteria of judgment for the participants across the nation. The participation can be made either by putting individual effort, or by teaming up with at most 4 individuals. The 2nd round of the camp (a 3-day workshop in Delhi) would comprise of 40 short listed contestants from the Round 1. It’s the 2nd round itself that will be decisive. Participants will present their ideas in the round 2, following which ideas and winner will get selected. Participants seem to be brimmed with exuberance, as the feel-good factor for the inclusion of their ideas in future smartphone line-up is certainly irresistible.

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