LG G3 unboxing: no Big B in the box?

“A quick peek inside the LG G3 packaging”

A 2K screen. Check. The zippiest processor aided by oodles of RAM. Check. A smorgasbord of innovative features. Check. When it comes to its latest flagship, the G3 (first impressions), LG has left no stone unturned in making sure it’s one of the most loaded smartphones yet. Unveiled amidst much fanfare in Mumbai by none other than superstar Amitabh Bachchan, there’s a special Big B edition of the smartphone too, bearing the man’s signature and available in limited quantities. However, even the legendary actor can do little if the device fails to click with the audiences as a compelling smartphone, and that’s exactly what we intend to find out in our full review.

Before then however, we thought it apt to bring you a quick unboxing. Our review unit doesn’t include a wired headset and a Quick Circle flip case, but the retail pack does include these goodies, so keep that in mind.



 The G3 comes inside a lovely looking box, which is hardly surprising considering the outlay involved. We were half expecting Big B to jump out of the box as we opened it  – the brand’s promotional activities featuring the actor obviously have high recall value. No such surprises however, but then… our review unit isn’t a Big B edition.


Moving on to business, the box opened up to reveal the G3 laying inside. This particular unit is the 16GB variant that features 2GB of RAM. There’s another variant available that offers 32GB storage and boasts 3GB RAM.


Moving the phone out of the way (for now) and lifting a couple of flaps gives access to a cavity containing a two-pin wall charger, a USB to micro-USB cable and the usual leaflets containing a quick start guide and warranty info.

As we noted earlier, we bemoan the lack of the wired headset and the Quick Circle case which are part of the standard packaging – it’d have been useful to try out the latter’s features and see how it works with the G3. Puppy Pop, the game that can be played without opening the flip cover looks rather interesting too. Anyway, we have lots more coverage planned for this notable flagship, so if you’re planning to buy one, we’d urge you to wait till we’re done with the full review.

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