LG displays new M-Ready Drive with M-DISC

LG Electronics recently displayed information on the introduction of a new optical storage technology with Millenniata. This new technology functions marvellously which can retain information preserved for over 100 years without even the slightest incident of adulteration. LG optical devices are established to function with M-DISC. This new drive technology employs M-DISC’s DVD-R disks with surface recording, which is considered to be as powerful as rock. The disk is burned by super powerful laser, which leaves the information unaltered without the hindrance of time or external agents. m-ready-contentimg-02 According to Mr. Sanjoy Bhattacharya, IT Head, LG India, ‘’LG’s M-Disc optical drive is a new medium in optical storage. With M-Disc, one can preserve data for millenniums. With this technology, one can store data for a gold period of 100 years with tarnishing. LG has been the first one to develop this technology and only LG drives can support M-Disc.’’ He also added, ‘’M-Ready Drive protects you important office documents in a safe and secure form and preserves even personal documents such as family pictures and so on. M-Disc is built with organic and synthetic materials which cannot be erased, corrupted or overwritten by natural processes.’’ The company reveals that information stored on current discs cannot be dependent on time or other factors. The information stored is related to what is offered by Millennita through a new recording technology of optical drives that are built to meet M-DISC TM DVD-R media. M-Ready Drive is offered on LG DVD Drive and LG BD writers. The M-Ready Drive stores personal or family content on discs for ages without losing even a little bit of data. According to the company, the drive enables engraving as pits on the M-DISC, to develop everlasting voids or holes by powerful laser power of the drives.’’ The new M-Ready Drive is a brilliant creation by LG which can actually store information for 100 years, which will benefit computer engineers, palaeontologists and history professionals.

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