LG announces Siri, S Voice-killer Quick Voice

The future of super smartphones is to be touch-less and voice-more. Yes, the first example we saw with iPhone 4S in which Apple included Siri software amid numbers of other exclusive features. The Siri software controlled several functions of iPhone 4S only on voice command of its user. The next was from the house of Samsung with its S Voice app. Now, it’s LG in the voice assistant race. quickvoice LG has announced Quick Voice voice assistant software in Korea and it is learned the app will be rolled out in its Optimus family of smartphones soon. Quick Voice will also be having some new features such as it can work even when the phone is turned off. More to this, the LG Quick Voice will be equipped with more customization features. Well, it is time to see whether LG is able to make its Quick Voice understand the Indian accent and whether its voice recognition will impress the Indian users. For the Siri part, it needs lots and lots of improvement. Once asked ‘krishna’ on Siri and it said, “I would ask that you address your spiritual questions to someone more qualified to comment. Ideally, a human.” The major improvement, be it on Siri or other such software, is to support offline voice recognition as we have seen on PCs. Let’s hope it comes soon on the smartphones. What you say? Are there more rooms for improvement? Do write below and share your views with your fellow readers.

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