Lexar announces 128GB SDXC Card

We discussed about the current state of memory cards 45 days ago. At that time, the 64GB SDXC Card was the maximum possible storage available for SD slots and micro-SD slots. This year, Lexar has taken the title for the largest capacity card with the announcement of 128GB SDXC class-10 card with maximum read speed of 20 MB/s! The SDXC memory card is ideally suited for capturing, storing and managing 1080p High definition videos or to capture high-resolution photographs at 20 mega pixels! lexar_sdxc_64gb_128gb “The professional photography industry is at a point where digital photo- and video-capture methods are converging, meaning that professional shooters need a memory solution with the versatility and reliability to safely store both photos and videos,” said Pachi Chen-Wong, senior product marketing manager, Lexar Media. “The 64GB and 128GB Lexar Professional 133x SDXC cards combine high-speed performance with large capacities to offer solutions for professionals who shoot large volumes of high-resolution images and HD video.” Wondering what 128GB Card can do for you? Well, you can store half-a-million pictures (1.6 Mega pixels) on it! or 81,000 5mp pictures, 32,000 12mp pictures, 17,000 21mp pictures. If you decide to store RAW images, you can store 10,500 uncompressed 12MP images or 5,200 uncompressed 21mp pictures! If you are a casual photographer, the chances are that you will never get to erase or remove the sdxc card from your camera, as it may last your entire lifetime! 64GB will cost $399.99 and 128GB will cost $699.99. For this price, you can get an entry-level DSLR Camera! So, keeping up with the trends, the price will slash down as the demand gradually picks up. For now, this is a solution for really professional photographers! via Lexar

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