Lenovo Vibe X2: frequently asked questions

“Here are the answers to the most common questions regarding the fashion forward Lenovo Vibe X2”

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A layered design, a brand new processor, adaptive user interface – well, we are indeed talking about the new Lenovo Vibe X2 (unboxing and first impressions) Android smartphone. And if you have queries about the device which you would like to get answered, then you’ve come to the right place.

What exactly is the layered design adopted by the Lenovo Vibe X2?

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The layered design adopted by the Vibe X2 is a new ideology that the designers have followed to give a distinct look to the device amongst competition. The layered design gives an impression of the device being built with different layers and then joining them all up to make a good-looking smartphone. At the same time the material used in construction of the device involves a magnesium-based alloy that gives strength to the device while not adding any extra weight as well.

Does the Vibe X2 smartphone have Gorilla Glass?

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Yes the device gets the third-generation Gorilla glass on the front for protection against scratches and accidental damage.

What accessories come bundled with the device?

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The Vibe X2smartphone comes with the usual set of accessories in the box, including manuals, wall charger, USB cable and wired headset. Additionally, users also get a complimentary scratch guard and a polycarbonate back cover in the box for additional protection of the device.

What hardware specs does the Vibe X2 offer?

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The Vibe X2 smartphone features a 5-inch full HD (1,080 x 1,920 pixels) display along with an octa-core Mediatek 6595 processor under its hood, with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. Sadly, for more storage, the device does not feature a microSD card slot. It does offer dual-SIM-dual-standby functionality which is certainly going to be a handy feature.

Which Android version comes installed on the device?


The Vibe X2 comes with Android KitKat 4.4 preinstalled on which the company has layered its very own Vibe UI 2.0 for ease of use. However the company has not yet announced the availability of the new Android L 5.0 for the Vibe X2.

Why is the Vibe UI called adaptive?


The user interface combines a special lock screen which learns from user behaviour and offers most commonly-accessed applications right on the lock screen itself. It is not a one time learning process and the UI constantly monitors the usage and can also remove applications if they are not being used on a regular basis.

How good is the primary camera?

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The quality offered by the primary camera  is good and users can capture lovely images, that too fast with the quick capture feature that the camera offers. Additionally the device offers a snapshot feature that can be used to capture an image without even unlocking the device by simply double tapping on the home button. For a better look at the images and to see the quality of images offered by the X2, you can also check out the camera review.

Does the zero-distortion lens on the front camera make it any better for sefies?

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Yes, the device features a 5-megapixel resolution front-facing camera with a zero-distortion lens, which removes any form of bending or barrel effect from selfies and offers nice images.

Does the device support dual SIMs? What about the other connectivity features offered?

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The smartphone offers dual-SIM connectivity with support for 4G networks for both calling as well as data use. The device requires one micro and one nano-SIM for dual-SIM functionality. In terms of connectivity, the smartphone features Wi-Fi and comes with support for the new ac standard and along with its gets Bluetooth 4.1 LE and USB 2.0 for easy connectivity.  Sadly, the device misses out on NFC and support for DLNA and the new MHL standard as well.

How much storage do I get on the  device and is it expandable?


The phone offers a total of 32GB of onboard storage, out of which a little over 26GB is available to use. However, there is no microSD card slot or USB OTG functionality available on the device which means that expandable memory is not available.

What accessories are available for the device?

Unlike any other smartphone,Vibe X2 comes with two accessories to start with, and the company is planning to build a whole new ecosystem around accessories for this device. For now users can purchase the battery case for the smartphone which without increasing the thickness or spoiling the looks of the phone gives it double the battery capacity. By next month, the company also plans to offer an audio dock for the smartphone along with a few new accessories in the coming days.

What is the price of the Vibe X2?

To buy this smartphone, users will have to pay Rs 19,999, and it’s exclusively available through Flipkart.

So this is it for now, do watch out this space for more about the Vibe X2 Android smartphone and its full review in the coming days.

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