Lenovo Vibe X2 camera review: point and shoot redefined

“The easy-to-use camera app offers amazing functionality with an equally impressive camera module that  promises good quality through various scenarios”

The tastefully-designed Lenovo Vibe X2 (unboxing and first impressions) is not just a pretty looking smartphone. For the price, this device comes with promising hardware specifications and a host of other functionalities as well. Out of the many highlights that this device has to offer, the Vibe X2 features an impressive camera. Even though it misses out on features like OIS and zero shutter lag, Lenovo has offered a nice and snappy camera along with an equally impressive app that helps users reap the benefits in form of great-looking images. Here, we have tested the camera on the Lenovo Vibe X2 in several scenarios and below are the images that prove the actual worth of this device’s camera. Click on the images to check out the full resolution versions.

Long Shot

Lenovo Vibe X2 camera review (1)

The maximum resolution shot supported by the device offers a widescreen (16:9) image as default, as opposed to 4:3 images offered by most devices. In addition, the quality and the focus offered is spot on. While we can notice that in some places the colour variance is missing, but overall the image offers balanced colours and detail.

Close Up

Lenovo Vibe X2 camera review (7)

The device offers very accurate selective focus, making close-up photography a breeze. Along with that, the camera on the device captures colour variation beautifully.

Close Up (zoomed In)

Vibe X2 close up

Even when zoomed in, the close-up shots do not pixelate or loose out on detail and clarity. It shows that the quality of optics used in the camera are perfectly tuned to offer good quality images, no matter what the conditions may be.


Lenovo Vibe X2 camera review (5)

Along with quality, the device offers good amount of contrast in the captured images. It is easier to differentiate between the darkest and the lightest objects regardless of their distance from the camera.


Lenovo Vibe X2 camera review (4)

The HDR or High Dynamic Range mode brings a new life to the image by offering an even higher range of contrast, and thereby offering greater differentiation between the lightest and the darkest object in the scene. Very useful for artistic users, who want to capture details in the images they capture.

Low Light Shot


The lack of a backlit sensor or a dedicated night mode is pretty much evident with the device and without the provided flash, the camera is pretty much useless.

Low Light Shot With Flash


Despite of a bad low light performance, the device offers some impressive results when the flash module kicks in. The objects look full of detail and the flash module does not overpower images and offers neutral yet brighter looking results.

Front Camera Shot

Lenovo Vibe X2 camera review (13)

Unlike many other smartphones within the same price range, the X2 probably offers the most impressive front-facing camera module. The images have great deal of detail and colour variance to offer while the contrast levels are also good. The zero distortion lens really makes a huge difference as the barrel effect is not noticed anywhere.

Night shot

Lenovo Vibe X2 camera review (15)

It is obviously not the best night or low light cameras around, but even with that the camera does tries to offer good quality and detail to the users. So rest assured you will get images that would help you capture the moment. However, low-light shooting remains its Achilles’ heel.

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