Lenovo unveils a trio of Jelly Bean Android tablets at MWC 2013

The Lenovo ThinkPad line of Windows laptops, have succeeded in capturing sales and pleasing its consumers laptop after laptop. The China-based manufacturer has arrived with its hands full at the Mobile World Congress bringing out three new tablets; a 10-inch S6000, and two 7 inch tablets labelled as the A3000 and A1000. These trio of tablets work the Android’s 4.1 (Jelly Bean) of Google’s tablet operating system. 006Lenovo_S6000_35619080_610x436 The 10-inch S6000 has a classy Lenovo look to it despite the fact that it doesn’t have a crispy thin body. The tablet is made has a plastic body with texture to its underside. The S6000 has a display having 1,280×800 of pixel resolution and has an IPS panel which increases viewing angles. The A1000 7 inch tablet also doesn’t fail to impress. You won’t feel the lack of size with the 1,280×800 screen resolution. However, the resolution could have improved which would have done away with the slightly illegible text. These tablets use a TN panel which can only but provide few viewing angles. The other A3000 on the other hand uses an IPS screen which improves the viewing angles. However the damper is low 1,024×600 screen resolution and yet delivers decent imagery and brightness. The specifications on these three new devices by Lenovo do not take them into the realm of the best of tablets. The S6000 and A3000 will come with (HSPA+) data options which do away with the dependency on Wireless communication. These tablets are also referred to as the “Lenovo Mobile Access,” and will provide a limited period running broadband connectivity after which consumers will be required t sign on to a participating wireless provider. The pricing for these three new tablets are not yet out, however a source of Lenovo stated that these will be available at reasonable prices. With Google and Asus bringing us tablets that have quality co-existing with reasonable pricing, Lenovo’s low price stance will not be its armour to fend off competition.

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