Lenovo IdeaPhone K860 delighted by the creation?

Lenovo has been at all times for us a smile to laptops, Ultra books, ThinkPad’s, yeah… Never a smartphone…naah. So with the arrival of their smartphone, gave us reason to be sceptical. Not for long; from sceptics we turned delighted by the creation. Lenovo IdeaPhone K860 front This device is primarily a phablet and its functions, body and screen out well made to require one hand handling. The Lenovo IdeaPhone K860 doesn’t look like it has a 5inch display, but it does and includes the main keys at the bottom that would normally constitute your hardware, or touch sensitive apart-from-touchscreen. Towards the right of the phablet is the volume adjustment, with separate controls for increasing and decreasing. On the left side is a micro USB port and to the top a 3.5mm headphone jack together with a circular power key designed to give harmony of appearance with the volume control keys. To break the homogeneity in the look of the device is a chrome frame and a nice matte finish in a balanced black tone and gives grip and protection from visible scratch. The Lenovo logo is embossed beside the 8MP camera with flash. Lenovo IdeaPhone K860 camera logo The phablet looks rather slim being 9.6mm, but it’s got substance which is 193.5 grams worth. Some may argue that this is too much, especially once you give it fall-proof coats and water-protecting jackets, still the weight makes the phone feel more serious, with the shiny front giving it a sophisticated angle. The device is power-up with an Exynos 4412 quad core chip working a nice 1.4GHz. The IdeaPhone K860 has 1GB of RAM. Internally, there’s 8GB internal and for expansion a micro SD card slot. The 5-inch IPS display has a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. The text and pictures on the phone are clear, and pleasant for the eyes. The color intensity is great giving you fabulous gaming and movie viewing experience. The only downside is that the screen is a little too reflective. So the glare from the sun or a light source makes visibility hard, and e, and all that talk of it being a phablet that you can use with one hand, gets overridden. The IdeaPhone K860 has Android Ice Cream Sandwich without news of the possibility an Android Jelly Bean upgrade. Lenovo IdeaPhone K860 front rear The phablet doesn’t come overloaded with bloat ware and has some useful, fun widgets so there’s no scope for lags. Apps run easy and even when multiple apps are on there’s no trouble. The IdeaPhone K860 has the Mali 400-MP graphics chip. Audibility wise, it is good, speaker wise, there’s no jar yet the volume could’ve been amped up. The 2250mAh battery on the Lenovo IdeaPhone K860 will give u runtime of over a day. The camera quality on the phone is good, giving decent pictures with few adjustment settings. Overall, it’s surprising as a phablet, good for gaming, and is not bad at all for working apps. We hope that they will be made available enough in India as Lenovo tends not to focus on that part, even if their products have demand.

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