Lenovo A1000, A3000 and S6000 Android Tablets First Impression

All the leading companies are lined up with their showcases and new product launches at the Mobile World Congress 2013. As the international event commenced on the 24th of February, the world’s mobile device market is getting further enriched with brand new products. Following the lead of the new product announcements from Samsung and HP at the MWC on Monday, Lenovo has also introduced three new tablets to join the battle of Android powered devices. The tablets include a couple of 7-inch models namely the A1000 and A3000, as well as a 10-inch slate, the S6000. lenovo-a1000-a3000 Lenovo is placing the A1000 as the ideal buy for the tablet first timers, which also suggests a budget price range and a dual-core processor. Lenovo claims that it has a 16GB internal memory capacity, which may hint to 8GB and 16GB versions as well, though the A1000 would have a microSD card slot for added storage. It also features a premium Dolby Digital Plus technology for enhanced audio performance. The A3000 comes with a quad-core MediaTek processor and a hint of extensive memory, though the IPS display only has a resolution of 1,024×600. It also offers the option of 3G connectivity to offer the online connectivity in the absence of a Wi-Fi connection. The S6000 on the other hand, though not as top-end as the Google’s Nexus 10 may actually turn out to be an affordably priced competitor. It will also run on a quad-core MediaTek processor (the MTK 8389/8125), and Lenovo also claims a great battery life in this light weight device. However, the resolution on this IPS screen is not very high and stands at 1,280×800 but that’s because its price tag is also not sky high. As of now, Lenovo has not revealed the pricing of any of these three new tablets, though they are said to be launched sometime in the second quarter of 2013. Hopefully, there will be some more news revealed on these devices soon enough.

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