A closer look at the capabilities of the remote powering LeEco’s Super3 Smart TVs

The Super3 series features 4K displays and pack the power of Android


India’s smartphone industry has seen a rapid growth partially owing to the Chinese influx and it’s evident that these companies are here to stay. Brands like LeEco have already established a strong foothold in the Indian mobile market in the short time that it has been here and the company has now shifted its gaze to the TV segment. Having acquired Vizio some time back, LeEco has had its sight on the TV sector for some time now. The company recently unveiled three smart TVs catering to different price segments and like its smartphones, the Super3 TV series is feature-packed and available at a mouth-watering price point. While we have covered the interface of the TVs’ already along with five solid reasons why you should consider buying them, not much has been said about the remote which controls the TVs. The remote on its own has some nifty tricks up its sleeve so without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at the LeEco Super3 TV remote. 

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Upon first glance, users accustomed to a traditional TV remote will find a lot of keys missing from the Super3 series remote. For instance, the numpad is gone which LeEco has omitted to make the design of its remote consistent with the TV it ships with. Users fretting about having to comb through the entire channel catalogue need not worry as the numpad can be brought up on screen with a simple tap on the dedicated ‘123’ button. What users will find consistent with the TV remotes of yesteryear are the standard navigation keys and volume/channel toggles, which will allow users to quickly scroll through the TV interface.

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LeEco has made the remote extremely functional and has focussed on the ease of use which is why, the remote uses standard AA batteries to power itself up. The remote offers excellent range so you won’t have to walk to the TV to switch a channel.

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Going over rest of the buttons, the Power and Mute toggles can be found at the very top with a mic sandwiched in between. The inclusion of mic takes productivity to the next level as users can simply control the interface using their voice (which will be added later in an update). Another important utility that comes bundled with the Super3 series remote is the ability to take screenshots on the fly using a dedicated button and not having to press multiple keys as seen on smartphones. The buttons to pull up settings, numeric keypad, and an on-screen pointer are housed above the screenshot button. The pointer button adds another layer of functionality by giving users an Air Mouse like feature making navigation across the interface a breeze. The power-packed Super3 series comes with a host of settings allowing you to tweak the device as per your needs, which can be accessed directly via a tap on the settings button on the remote.

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Keeping the symmetry on point, a trio of back, home and menu keys can be found below a row of navigation buttons. The lonesome Le key at the bottom brings up a list of customisable shortcuts that will let users switch between apps swiftly.



While we already know just how powerful and feature-rich the new Super3 TVs are, equipping the TVs with an equally power-packed remote is a welcome addition. Having garnered massive interest since its launch just a while back, the Super3 series from LeEco gives users a taste of the future at an affordable price tag which is why, right now, it is the best option for someone looking to invest in a Smart 4K TV.

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