Leap Motion: 3D Touch-free Motion Sensing Control

Can you believe that the electronic gadgets started sensing our actions long-back?? Ofcourse, the Nintendo’s Wii it first of its kind gadget developed with the hands-free motion controlling technology. Later, Microsoft introduced a improved version named Kinnect and followed by Sony’s PlayStation. Also, Sony started integrating in a smartphone Sony Xperia Sola as floating touch sensing technology. As the world is surging at a rapid pace, the state of art technology is developed and implemented everywhere in industries like Gaming, Medical Surgery, Architecture, Engineering and etc. leap-motion-3d-motion-control San Francisco’s startup named Leap Motion has, well, leapfrogged the state of art in this field and introduced its Leap 3D Motion Control System. This small sized device give users the ability to control the apps on computers with hundredth of a millimeter accuracy. Also, the device receives many touch-free gestures including pinch-to-zoom. Leap 3D is a small device that connects to a PC via USB input and operates using a sophisticated software application.


Leap 3D Motion can be used at various situations and it offers a range of functions like –
  • Navigating an operating system
  • Surfing Web pages with the flick of a finger
  • Finger-pinching to zoom in on applications including Maps
  • Interacting with a 3D model of clay for Engineers
  • Precision drawing in either two- or three-dimensions
  • Manipulating complex 3D data visualizations
  • Playing games, including those that require very “fast-twitch” control
  • Signing digital documents by writing in air
Soon, the developers are aiming to have a host of revolutionary applications for 3D graphic designers, Engineers, Surgeons and etc. Leap 3D Motion is expected to arrive markets in the month of December 2012 or Jan 2013. The device is now available for $70 Pre-order at their official website.
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