LAVA’s new patents on Algorithms and App

The blooming changes are on the way in the LAVA International mobile phone company in India. LAVA is ready to launch its hundred of its inventions in the coming years, which may happen in 2 to 3 years. Two of the patents are already in the process as it’s waiting for government’s approval. It is with a steady plan to improve the company’s revenue to 40% in the coming financial year.  It has a solid hope to rock the market, with its intellectual inventions which are sure to help people. lavamobiles logoLAVA tries its hand on bringing purposeful changes in the line of entertainment, education and information, through its 100 of patents on algorithms and app models. In the hands of innovation, it’s trusting for its growth and success. With the hope of succeeding, it already has invested 50 crore in the present year on its plan on Algorithms and app models. Algorithm is a trusted method in Maths and Computer Science, as it effectively helps in data processing, and automated reasoning. “LAVA is proud to launch a music fusion application which can play music and video in any format”. Research is in full swing in its R&D centres in China and India. Development is indented in altogether feature. It is grouped with a publishing company of TATA Mcgraw Hill and Iprof who is presently is one of the best companies in providing educational content in digitalization format in tablet. The idea behind this consortium is to digitalize the Indian fairy tales and mythological tales, to amuse the world wide younger audience with better attention. This will be fruitful in the next 2 to 3 years with the investment of 25 crores. The other plan of the company is to make its entry into enterprise segment and ERP. ERP provides integrated solutions in development, manufacturing, sales and marketing. The company recently widen its business by selling tablets in that it made a steady income of 25 thousands per month. This survey gives them clues to plan further in future.

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