Connect with your crush using Krush this Valentine’s Day

“The app allows users to like people and connect with each other if their liking matches”

If you are trying to find some love this Valentine’s Day, then you might want to try Krush, a newly-launched dating app, which allows like-minded users to connect with each other, provided their preferences match. Krush is the brainchild of Bengaluru-based developers who have successfully carried out a pilot run of the app before launching it pan India.

The idea that runs behind the application is simple – all the users need to do is like people through the app and if two people like each other, the application connects them so they can take things forward. Though the idea may sound too simple, the app helps break the ice between people.

Krush 2 Krush 3

Krush connects with a user’s Facebook account and then offers suggestions for potential matches. Once the person likes a profile, the app keeps the preferences stored in its database and if the inputs of two people match, the app automatically offers suggestions to connect. After that, it’s up to the users to take things forward. The app only suggests friends from Facebook and users who do not have a Facebook account would not be able to use it. The app is nicely-laid out and is very simple to use. Users are given ten suggestions by the app each day, and they can choose to either like or reject them. Based on the input, the app matches the user’s profile with other profiles and if two people have expressed a liking for each other, it shows up in the matches tab on the app.

Along with this, the app also shows hints for people who like the users. However, to get those hints or to unlock them users need to invite people. Three invitations have to be sent by the users to get hint for one person.

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The application is available free of cost and there is no cost associated with its use as well. The app is available on Android currently, and can be downloaded from the Google Play store. The download size is about 3MB and it can be easily installed on smartphones and tablets. The iOS version of the app is under development and will soon be announced by the developers.

All in all, Krush is a fun app that could potentially lead to a few happy stories.

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