Koss Striva Pro headphone Review

Koss is not an unheard name in the huge and happening market of headphones, as the company churns out quite some products. The company claims that its Striva Pro headphones are the world’s first true Wi-Fi headphones, which offers better wireless range, connection flexibility, as well as sound quality than Bluetooth-capable headphones. Does this pair of headphones really keep up to the claim? Let us take a closer look to find out. Koss_Striva_Pro Design and Features The Koss Striva Pro headphones have a circular closed-back design, which means they will not be audible to anyone and will keep your music to yourself, making them a good companion while commuting in public places.  streaming and wireless transmission. Fit and comfort Koss Striva Pro headphones provide altogether good fit and comfort with no adjustment of comfort issues. Audio performance Koss Striva Pro headphone provides altogether nice sound quality. After a prolonged listening time, you will find that these pair can make for a pleasant time of with you music. It has a good bass and treble treatment, with a deep and warm bass and also a fair justification to the treble. However, the mid range loses its charm as the sound seems to thin down a bit with no real depth. Then again, the headphones had some inconsistency problem that did seem to a nuisance and its overall clarity also did not seem to be up to the mark as compared to its own class. As the company claimed a 300 feet of wireless connectivity, it provides actually an average 100 feet connectivity after which the connection simply drops. Conclusion The Koss Striva Pro headphones come with a premium price tag of $450, which can be given to the ones with really superior sonic quality that these headphones do not possess. Then again, the headphones do not provide a good amount of noise isolation as well. Thus, with such a heavy blow on your pocket, these pair of headphones cannot really be recommended for a buy.

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