Knockout: Micromax Funbook Talk vs Intex iBuddy Connect

Micromax Funbook Talk is one of the best Android Tablets in the market in an affordable price. Intex iBuddy Connect on the other hand is also very competitively priced. Indian consumers have been provided with a tedious job of selecting the best Tablet in less than Rs 10000 category considering the features and variations provided by Tablet manufacturers. Therefore we present a detailed comparative analysis of the features of these two Tablets.

Micromax Funbook Talk as well as Intex iBuddy Connect come with voice calling features and sport a 7.0 inch capacitive screen. The two Tablets run on the same version of Android 4.0 OS powered by a 1.0 GHz processor. They also have the same inbuilt storage capacity of 4GB that is expandable up to 32GB via micro SD card. With so many striking similarities we will now discuss the finer aspects that create that unique difference and give that edge which decides the best Tablet amongst the two. Both the devices has a 2.0Mp rear camera as well as VGA camera at the front and they also offer 3G dongle support via USB.

Micromax Funbook Talk vs Intex iBuddy Connect

Display And Design:

Micromax Funbook Talk sports a 7.0 inch capacitive touch screen and offers a screen resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. It is a lightweight device with simple looks and a standard Tablet design. Its lightweight makes it easy to carry. The rich display provides an impressive viewing experience.  

Intex iBuddy Connect  has a  7.0 inch capacitive touch screen with a screen resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. It provides better display and viewing angles than Micromax Funbook Tab. It has a special cover of leather that provides protection to the keyboard. It has an ultra slim design that makes it look more Trendy and stylish compared to Micromax Funbook Tab. Intex iBuddy Connect  is lighter than Micromax and therefore easier to carry. Intex iBuddy Connect comes in White and Chocolate colors whereas Micromax Funbook Tab comes in the standard Silver and Slate Grey color.

Winner: Intex i Buddy Connect

Operating System and Processor:

Intex iBuddy Connect runs on Android 4.0 OS powered by a 1.0GHz processor, 512MB RAM, which is similar to Micromax Funbook Talk that runs on Android 4.0 OS powered by 1.0 GHz Cortex A8 processor, 512MB RAM .


Micromax Funbook Talk has a 2.0MP rear camera and 0.3MP VGA front camera for video calling which is similar to Intex iBuddy Connect that has a 2.0MP rear camera as well as a VGA front camera.

Intex iBuddy Connect offers much better picture quality and photography experience with its camera that has interchangeable and adjustable lens and provides up to 4GB of flash storage along with face tracking feature.

Winner: Intex i Buddy Connect

Battery :

Battery power is an imperative aspect considering the multimedia features and multitasking capabilities of both the Tablets. Intex i Buddy is fuelled by a 3000mah battery whereas Micromax Funbook Talk is supported by a 2800mah battery. Intex i Buddy is definitely providing a much stronger battery support compared to Micromax Funbook Tab.

Winner: Intex i Buddy Connect

Connectivity and Bluetooth:

Micromax Funbook Talk supports Wi-Fi, 3G through USB dongle however it does not provide GPS support.

Intex i Buddy similarly supports Wi-Fi, 3G through USB dongle. It does not support GPS connectivity.

Bluetooth is a basic connectivity feature that is a must however it is surprising that Micromax Funbook Talk lacks Bluetooth whereas Intex i Buddy Connect supports the connectivity feature of a Bluetooth.

Winner: Intex i Buddy Connect


Intex i Buddy Connect has a dimension of 193 x 121 x 9 mm whereas Micromax Funbook Talk has a dimension of 192 x 122 x 10.5 mm.

Both the devices have more or less the same dimensions . Micromax Funbook Talk is a bit smaller in length but more in height compared to Intex i Buddy Connect.

Video Chat:

Intex i Buddy Connect provides video chatting feature over Skype whereas this feature is missing in Micromax Funbook Talk.

Winner: Intex i Buddy Connect


Intex iBuddy  Connect with its light weight that makes it easy to carry and its stylish design, offers much elegant looks compared to the Micromax Funbook Talk. Intex iBuddy Connect also offers a better camera with advanced features for shutterbugs and a much stronger battery support. Micromax Funbook Talk without Bluetooth and video calling features is offering much lesser value for money compared to Intex iBuddy Connect .The first 2G calling Tablet from Intex, Intex iBuddy Connect is clearly a winner in its comparison with Micromax Funbook Talk.

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