KitGuru leaks iPhone 5 images, claims real

One more new tidbit is being rumored on the Web about Apple’s iPhone 5. It shows what the iDevice will finally look like. KitGuru website has managed finding some new pics of a smartphone device which it claims to be of the upcoming iPhone 5. Seeing the pictures closely reminds some other earlier leaked images of iPhone 5 parts. Well, still it is not easy to say whether the new images are of real iPhone 5 or is just a copy of other fakes. Below are the images. Just have a look by yourself. iphone 5apple iphone 5iPhone-5-Connector-KitGuru-640x183 Yong Lei from KitGuru writes that the website got operatives across the world and in the Far East the iPhone 5 has been spotted to which they managed to capture reflected photos by using latest technology. KitGuru also added that the images of iPhone 5 are pre-released test samples. The site writes further that Apple wants to keep a clear distinction between a tablet and phone, and this is the reason why the iPhone 5 is bigger but not too much. Also, the new dock connector will not be convenient for may people using multiple chargers or docks. Do write in the below given comment box about your own views about the new leaked images.

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