Keypoint Technology launches Adaptxt virtual keypad for Android devices

KeyPoint Technology has launched their first version of Adaptxt virtual keypad after a year of beta version. The keypad is compatible with all Android tablets and phones. Adaptxt-advert Both the virtual keypads use predictive Test2.0 engine to make typing much faster and error-free. It is equipped with custom dictionaries and predicts the next word to help with word completion inputs. KeyPoint Technology, originally an app maker, released two versions of the virtual keypad – the Adaptxt 1.0 and Adaptxt 2.0. Former is for Android smartphone and latter for Android tablet. According to the company, the Adaptxt virtual keypads learn and adapt users’ writing style and offers personalized suggestions. They also say of having included more than twelve features from beta version feedback such as toggling between languages and one-touch Wikipedia definitions. It is claimed the keypad identifies user’s unique words and phrases and include those to the personalized custom dictionary feature. The virtual keypad features several industry-specific dictionaries for professionals such as medical, legal and finance. It is also equipped with 68 language dictionaries, from Vietnamese to Arabic. It is the industry-first SMS dictionary and offers over 3000 shorthand abbreviations such as every1, gr8, btw and lol to limit the typing text messages to 160 characters comfortably and also to make typing faster. KeyPoint Technologies CEO Sumit Goswami said, “We incorporated a year’s worth of user feedback to create a 1.0 product that blows away keyboard apps that are in their 2.0 and 3.0 versions, not to mention the stock key board apps that come with Android tablets and smartphones. Adaptxt sets the standard for fast, convenient and intuitive text entry.” Adaptxt app is made available on Amazon, Google Play and GetJar for free.

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