Karnataka MLAs demand iPad 3 ahead of the launch!

Indian government has been generous enough to offer subsidized, worthless, unguaranteed low-cost tablets to students called Aakash. The tablets are still to reach vast majority of promised audiences..But earliest last year, Members of parliament were provided with highest version of iPad 2. Recently, members of legislative council of karnataka were offered 64GB iPad 2 and it cost the karnataka government a cool 35.5 lakh rupees (3.5 million INR).

Now, MLAs of karnataka are demanding a better version. They are already demanding iPad 3 which is yet to be launched by Apple! The demand is more of showing off superiority than anything else. On a rough estimate, providing iPad 3 to 225 MLAs would cost government a cool 1.05 crores (10.5 million INR)..!

What happens next is even more funnier. The secretariat issued a circular stating this confirmation. Apparently, the circular states that the MLAs would be provided with iPod 3..! Indian netas and their unique behaviours…!

source [TOI]

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