Juicebuddy: World’s smallest iPhone charger

Juice Buddy wallPacific Productions, a California based company, has recently launched its new product – Breakthrough Juicebuddy. Juicebuddy is by far the world’s smallest <a href=”http://www.91mobiles.com/apple-iphone-3gs-8gb-price-in-india”> iPhone</a> charger. It is portable and you can cart it easily along with you all around the globe. It is a wireless charger and is no longer than a flash drive. Pacific productions have kept the size of the Juicebuddy pretty small so that it can easily be put in the pocket. Juicebuddy is fitted with a key chain attachment at the rear end so as to fix it in your key chain holder. It also features fold out prongs and a USB port. USB port is covered with the key chain attachment. At the time of charging your iPhone, remove the key chain cover and fix your iPhone to USB 2.0 port and fix the prongs to the wall outlet. “The JuiceBuddy provides the convenience of always having a charger with you, without having to rely on a cord. All you need is an outlet”, said Zack Cram, the marketing manager for Pacific Productions. JuiceBuddy has been launched in two versions – Polycarbonate and aluminum body versions. The polycarbonate version is available in three different colors – black, red and white, while the aluminum version is available in only silver color. Aluminum Juicebuddy is costlier in comparison to polycarbonate version. Aluminum version costs $34.95 while polycarbonate version costs $24.95. You can go with either of them. This innovative invention will definitely solve your iPhone charging problem. So stick to it and enjoy.
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