Jolla presents Sailfish OS, calls it a game changing moment

We know Firefox Mobile OS is coming in 2013, but its not the only OS on the floor. Jolla, a Finland based company has just teased a video of its upcoming OS dubbed as the Sailfish OS.

As per the company, the Sailfish OS is all about speed, Multitasking and ease of use. In its Press release, the company also talks about the Pulley Menu facilitating fast and effortless interaction and personalization. The OS will also support the Android apps.

“Users are able to multitask instantly between truly running applications. Even more, users are able to interact with the running applications directly on the home view: ending a call, pausing a song – without needing to enter the application. This multitasking feature brings usability and speed-of-use to a totally new level, unseen in the mobile industry.” the company says in its PR.

At first glance, the UI looks a lot like the upcoming Blackberry OS 10 with a flavor of Windows Metro UI. So don’t expect an innovative UI from the Sailfish OS. About the speed and multitasking, only time will say.


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