JLab Diego headphones will make you crazy

If you are on the lookout for a pair of budget headphones with real eye catching colour and style then, consider buying the Jlab Diego headphones. However, it is good to mention that with as low as a price of $20, if you are expecting good performance then you will be disappointed. jlab-diego-review-enclosure-driver-1000x665 The JLab Audio has managed to make its own place in the cramped market of personal audio products with some unique product designs. Being driven by the design motto, Jlab released its latest pair of budget in-ear headphones, the Diego ear buds and mic at $20. The set of Diego buds do make a bold statement with their brash purple and turquoise color scheme, but when it comes to performance, style ultimately takes a back seat. Design and Features The Jlab Diego buds come in various attractive colour combinations, such as the purple and mint, black and gunmetal grey, yellow and grey, and blue, white and black. Every headset is further styled with multiple variations of its color pattern, with funky lines running the length of its cables and the earpieces. It also carries a JLab logo. The bud’s cables are flattened to prevent tangling, and include a single-button mic on the right-hand cord for making as well as receiving phone calls with a Smartphone. Fit and Comfort Irrespective of the various ear tip sizes, the Diego earphones can be termed as ill-fitting. Even if you do get to fit them, they might just slip out, which could be hard to bear with. Audio performance The Diego earphones have a rather harsh treble. With extreme frequency, the beats may sound artificial and cheap, while the drums sound as weak clips of sound with little depth. Conclusion Though you can’t really expect really good audio with a 20 bucker pair of headphones, yet the Diego might leave you disappointed. Given the fact that there are good options from the same maker, the Diego can be given a miss.

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