Jelly Bean OS version is now running on 48.7 percent Android Devices

Google has announced that the Jelly Bean version of the Android mobile operating system is now powering more than 48 percent Android devices. Each month, Google releases a report about the percentage of OS versions running on the Android devices and since the report released last month, Jelly Bean has grabbed more devices. Last month it was running on 45 percent devices and now it is powering more than 48.7 percent devices.

Android OS share

To be specific, Android 4.1 JB version is running on 36.6 percent devices with API 16, Android 4.2 JB version is running on 10.6 percent devices with API 17 and last the newly launched Android 4.3 JB version is running on only 1.5 percent devices with API 18. Comparing to the numbers from the report of last month, ICS version of the OS has came down 1.1 percent and the Gingerbread version’s share fell down by 2.2 percent. Froyo 2.2 version is now running on only 2.2 percent of the devices and soon it might be out of the list just like previous versions. Gingerbread 2.3 version is still having the second position in the report because most of the devices launched running with this OS version haven’t yet updated to newer versions of the operating system. Another version of the Android OS dubbed as Android 4.4 KitKat is arriving very soon. It will be a brand new version of the mobile OS with a bunch of new features.
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