Jelly Bean becomes official with the arrival of statue at Googleplex lawn

jelly-beanThe wait is over as Google is going to officially launch its new Android version – Jelly Bean soon. With the arrival of Jelly Bean statue at Googleplex lawn in Google campus, Jelly bean launch has become official. Google has the tradition of installing the statue of every new Android version which is represented by the codename of the release – in this case it is Jelly Bean. Google will announce its arrival at Google I/O keynote by tomorrow. Google is launching Android 4.1 version with the codename of Jelly Bean. With its release, Android phones will be filled with all kind of awesomeness. Jelly Bean will offer you a large array of latest features and apps. It will be a hell lot of fun for you. Google is also planning to release their smart tablet <a href=””>Nexus 7</a> at keynote in the upcoming weeks. Nexus 7 will come with Jelly Bean OS. So, it will be a good combo offer for you to extract the benefits of both the tech releases. We will be bringing to you the full review of new Android 4.1 version very soon. So keep yourself updated with the latest I/O keynote announcements. They are certainly having lots of good news for Android users.
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