Jabra Revo Wireless headphones overview

The Jabra Revo Wireless headphones sport NFC, touch controls, a sturdy design and good sound. The Mobile World Congress saw only a few head jamming music accessories, one among these is the new Jabra Revo Wireless headphones. Jabra has already set its quality standards deep into the book of records, and these headphones have some extra features that will make it a bargain. jabra-revo-wireless-headphones-vox-0 The new Jabra Revo Wireless headphones have NFC Bluetooth pairing. The also have touch panel controls and offer clarity in audio and a great thump in beats, while maintaining balance. At present these headphones can be found at Amazon. Like most Jabra babies, this one too is attractive in design. Basically simplistic, yet, some details make them very likeable. The small earcups sit comfortably on the ear and around it and they contain a black or white rubber pad outside, for durability. The aluminium arms which keep the cup in place have a nice premium look which is offset by orange markings. Trust Jabra to find it difficult to abstain from color. The headband feels comfortable too, and you won’t feel the pressure or tension from it even when adjusted to a good fitting degree. The handbands are also flexible yet durable, which make them easy to stuff into an overfilled travel bag, too. The left ear cup holds the NFC technology. Using an NFC-enabled phone tap the left ear cup and a Bluetooth connection is instantly set up. Pairing really does work easily. Touch controls are situated on the right ear. You can roll your finger backwards and forwards to alter the volume. To forward tap the front edge twice, and to go back to a previous track, tap the back. The sound quality is good, however it does not act as a great noise cancelling medium.

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