iTwin – Simple and Secure USB-based remote file access

A Singapore-based company headed by an Indian (Lux Anantharaman) has launched a cool gadget called iTwin that allows you to share files remotely and securely. You may ask what’s new? Well, there are solutions like dropbox, Then there are solutions like Flash-drives and then there are other solutions like Remote access software. But each of them are draught with some drawbacks, mainly in terms of security and confidentiality of data. Each of the above solutions allows for multiple versions of same files to be created. Thereby, the confidentiality of the data is compromised. So, iTwin is an attempt to solve this problem. iTwin will appeal to enterprise customers or customers working on confidential piece of information. iTwin at it’s core simply connects two computers wireless and securely – over the internet but with tight security and encryption applied.

What is iTwin?

In their own words, “iTwin is a revolutionary new file sharing and remote access device brought to you by a company called iTwin. It’s like two ends of a cable, without the cable. It’s as simple to use as a flash drive. It’s literally plug and play.”. iTwin is simply two USB ports attached to each other with some custom firmware built-in. iTwin itself does not have any storage capacity (meaning you cannot store anything on this USB device). But what iTwin allows you to do is to securely enable two computers to be remotely connected and thus enables file sharing between those devices.

Take a look at the comprehensive FAQ on the website to know the product more in detail – FAQ about iTwin



So how does iTwin work? 




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