iTunes store registers 25 billion song sales

Apple iTunes Store which is the favorite option for most of the iOS device users for accessing digital music has recently set a new benchmark for its rivals by registering an exemplary record of the most number of song downloads from the store.


Apple has officially announced on Wednesday that the iTunes store has sold more than 25 billion music tracks till now. The song by British DJ Chase Buch, Monkey Drums was the 25th billionth songs that was downloaded from the iTunes store by a German student whose name is Phillip Luepke. The Cupertino-based tech giant has gifted the delighted Luepke a gift card from iTunes worth $13,500 (€10,000) for purchasing the 25th billionth song.

The most popular online music retailer across the world was responsible for the commencement of the era of selling music tracks online. A very unbelievable fact is that the Apple’s iTunes store witnesses a tremendous figure of around 15,000 music downloads every minute. The iTunes store connects millions of music enthusiasts to their favorite artists on a massive scale every second minute.

For those who don’t know much about iTunes, we would like to tell you that, the iTunes store is an online music retailer that had made its debut around 10 years back exclusively for the users of Apple devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod, iMac and MacBook. iTunes has  included in its catalogue around 26 million music tracks and is available in 119 countries. In India online retailer Flipkart has recently introduced digital music store named Flyte in the previous year to give a tough competition to the iTunes store. 

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