Is this Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie?

Within a just a month of Android 4.2 launched officially, rumors and ramblings about the next version of Android are in the Air.

Just a few weeks ago we got to know that the Android 4.2 which was supposed to codenamed as Key Lime Pie would still called Jelly Bean. It definitely hints that the next version of Android may be known as the Key Lime Pie. However, there is no hint on the numerical part of the naming convention till date.

But if this NenaMark test published on Android Authority is to be believed, the next version of Android may be Android 5.0, which means a major upgrade. Though making a fake NenaMark test result isn’t a tough Job, so for now we are taking it as a rumor only.


The NenaMark test belongs to the Sony’s latest flagship known as Sony Xperia T in US and Xperia LT30p or Xperia LT30i world wide.

Again,take it as a rumor only and stay tuned for the further updates.


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