Is it Ixoost ios speaker dock or a hot rods exhaust pipe?

ixoost-exhaust-iphone-ipod-dock-2 You must have seen some pretty crazy iPhone docks but the Ixoost ios speaker dock will definitely confuse you that whether it is dock or a hot rod’s exhaust pipe. This Ixoost ios speaker dock has been made of the car exhausts and is available in three models namely: V8, V10 AND V12 (where each ‘V’ signifies the number of cylinders). This Ixoost speaker is hand built and will definitely attract your attention on the first look.   This speaker comes with four 70W amplifier and a solo 140W subwoofer. This will make sure that your musical experience remains flawless. Other specs of these models include two 28mm tweeters and two 25mm midrange cone drivers. In V12 model, an additional tweeter and a cone driver has been provided. Such speaker dock is definitely the pioneering model in respect of its design and look. You can learn more about it from
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