Is BlackBerry PlayBook regaining lost market?

The once-mocked BlackBerry PlayBook is out of the pavilion once again for market acceptance, but isn’t that there may be still some spunk left in it, after all. blackberry playbook In the third quarter of the fiscal year there has been a sudden increase seen in the shipment of this tablet, about 255,000 units. In last quarter the figure dropped to 130,000 units only, a little less than 150,000 units shipped a year ago in the same period. What caused this sudden footfall? Well, let us read what Chief Financial Officer Brian Bidulka remarked at an investor conference call yesterday. He said a strong “promotional” movement has started in North America and Research in Motion (RIM) is gaining some respite from dull business, with the WiFi and 4G models of the PlayBook tablet in Europe and North America. Going by comparison, the number of units sold cannot surpass the number of Apple’s iPad devices sold. But still it has made a remarkable comeback into the open market. This very product once upon a time was given up as dead shortly after its birth in April 2011. Instead of burying the product, RIM opted to resurrect the product, with full upgrading of the device’s software. The missing prime features in it were added to uplift its capabilities. The PlayBook units made a respectful sale during the holidays last year. It was made possible due to massive discount in its price and placement as an attractive bargain. This tactic has paid dividend again this time too. It is not known how well the device is performing, but the number of devices shipped represents the tablets sent to retailers. Whatever it is, still it has performed an amazing act. It is still hanging on to dear life for so long after its advent. It will not create a storm in the market with its sale, provided RIM comes out with a blockbuster of its BlackBerry 10 platform. Still there are users waiting to see the BB 10 perform as claimed by RIM and expected by fans.

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