iPhone Magic App Cycloramic updated

Cycloramic is the magic app for iPhone that allows users to capture 360 degree videos.The app was launched in December last year for iPhone 5. The User had to simply make the iPhone 5 stand on a hard surface and the phones vibrator motor would make it spin around in a 360 degree circle capturing the surrounding video.


With the new update that was released yesterday, the app can now not only capture videos but also take multiple photographs. The photographs will then be assembled together to create a panoramic photograph.

This hands free feature app is available only on the iPhone 5 because the device is light enough to be rotated by the vibrations of a vibration motor.

However, the developer has given a Guide Mode for users of older versions of the phone including the iPad,  iPhone4 and iPhone4S that allows the users to take panoramic photographs, not hands free though. the guided mode The app offers a sound and vibration-guide wherein the phone notifies you if you drop too low or go too fast. the app also comes with an immersive 3D viewer with zoom.

The iOS6 instruments come with built in camera with the Panoramic photograph option, however, its not hands free and the image is likely to shake while taking a long panoramic photograph.

The older version of the app is a free app that can be still downloaded from the App Store, the new app (2.0) version with the panoramic photograph feature will cost around Rs.55.

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