iPhone Apps: Interesting and New

Life changes once a baby enters the house. Suddenly everything you do revolves around the child. You have to plan your schedules accordingly and give top priority to the little one. These are some of the challenges which every new parent faces as soon as a new born enters their house. There are some amazing new iPhone apps for these new parents, which help them to handle this additional responsibility and also take care of their own health. iPhone Apps Interesting and NewSleep by MotionX A new born child needs a lot of attention. This often results in a lot of sleepless nights for the new parents. Even when they do manage to get some sleep at night, they have to wake up whenever the baby cries. New parents often suffer from lack of sleep and this may also affect their health. The Sleep by MotionX app helps the parent to fall asleep whenever the baby is sleeping with the help of soothing sounds. It also helps them to wake up after a power nap with an alarm. This app also helps parents keep a track of their sleep over a period of weeks and months. This way they can take care of their own health by ensuring they get enough sleep. This app is priced at $2.99. Walk Tracker Pro It is difficult to find time to workout or exercise whenever there’s a child in the house. The only means of exercise for a new parent is taking the baby for a walk. The baby can be placed securely in a sporty stroller and the parent can take a nice walk. The Walk Tracker Pro app can be used here to track the distance and also the pace. This way one can stay fit without leaving the child out of their sight. This app can also be used to if one has the time to run or even cycle. It is priced at $2.99. The Mommy Playbook Forums Now that the exercising bit has been taken care of, the next step is how to become a good parent. With the help of The Mommy Playbook Forums iPhone app, a new mother can learn some important lessons about parenthood from other parents. They are many parents who like to share their tips about how to manage children. This app provides the new parent with access to such tips offered by other parents. This app can also be downloaded for free. Note’d New parents tend to be forgetful as they devote all their time and attention towards the new born child. As a result of this a lot of routine tasks may slip their mind. The Note’d app helps parents keep a track of their activities and makes sure they don’t forget about them. This app is priced at $0.99. My Baby Today This is a free app which keeps track of all the baby’s needs and requirements. This app can be used to set reminders and also provides advice regarding baby issues. A personalized daily calendar and a checklist can also be prepared using this app.

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