iPhone 4S Pre-order starts in India

Aircel and Airtel would be launching iPhone 4S in India jointly on November 25th, the Friday! Both the leading telecom operators have placed an online pre-order page to accept pre-bookings. The pre-order page essentially summarizes the prices. The prices are (needless to say) way too expensive. Each version is expensive by Rs. 6,000 – Rs. 7,000 than those sold in United States. The price differential between the products sold in India and in United States is increasing every passing year..! What’s more the 64GB is already sold out! Can you believe it, the 64GB iPhone 4S which is priced at Rs. 57,300 is already sold out! Insane..! People do have lot of money..:)

Pre-order iPhone 4S with Aircel: http://www.ncarry.com/aircel/preorder.php?ref=aircel#123

Pre-order iPhone 4S with Airtel: https://shop.actify.in/s4a/page.do?category=mobilePhones&pageID=categoryPage


  Memory Price in India (Rs.) Price in US ($) unlocked
iPhone 4S 16 GB 40,500 649 (Rs. 33,430)
iPhone 4S 32 GB 50,900 749 (Rs. 38,575)
iPhone 4S 64 GB 57,300 849 (Rs. 43,724)
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