iPhone 4 launching this week

In what could probably be the biggest news of this week, iPhone 4 is all set to be launched in India. Sources close to us in the retail industry have confirmed to us that iPhone 4 would be launching in India this week, most probably on Friday the 27th of May 2011. The sources have also confirmed that the prices could be very competitive. For example, the iPhone 4 – 16 GB model could be sold at an MRP of Rs. 31,000! The price point is lower than what is being quoted in the grey markets! Secondly, the iPhone 4 would be sold as unlocked too. Which means, you can buy one from the retail shops and use the sim of your choice and you dont have to depend on locked versions from your mobile operators. 91mobiles is working hard to bring you the iPhone 4 at a good discount. Stay tuned. Good news is in the horizon!



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