iPhone 4, iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 prices slashed (again)

Have you seen this recent TV commercial for eBay where a guy says to his buddy that he is waiting for the next version of a mobile phone to be launched so that the price of existing model goes down and he can buy the existing model for a cheaper price. And his buddy comments “hell! you are waiting for the new model to buy an old model”. This might sound funny, but this is the reality of our country. A large chunk of people wait for newer models of mobile phones so that they can buy the existing models for a better price. There’s nothing bad in it. A couple of days back, half of the country was waiting for the launch of Maruti Alto 800. Not because they want to buy one, but because they know it will significantly affect the cost of second hand small cars in India. Are you one among them (like me)? There’s a good news for you then. Not long ago, we reported a price cut on iPhone 4 and 4S models. Well ahead of festive season and just a week ahead of iPhone 5 launch, we have observed further price cut on various models. apple-iphone-5-16gb Here goes the round up: iPhone 4 – After the previous price drop, 8GB model of iPhone 4 was available for Rs 28,500. However, a number of online sellers are selling it for Rs 26,500 now. If you are lucky enough, you might get even better deals on our iPhone 4 product page. iPhone 4S – iPhone 4S 16 GB model was reported selling for Rs 41,500 after the last price drop but a number of sellers are now selling it for Rs 38,500 or even cheaper. See best deals on iPhone 4S 16GB. You can also buy iPhone 4S 32GB for Rs 43,500 and iPhone 4S 64GB for Rs 48,500. iPhone 5 – iPhone 5 is yet to get officially launched in India but a number of sellers are selling it unofficially on a (heavy) premium price. First seller listed on our iPhone 5 product page was selling it for a price of Rs 84,240. With time we spotted some more sellers and now the best price for iPhone 5 in India is as low as Rs 58k. For the users planning to buy iPhone 5, I would suggest to wait for a week as it might be launched officially on Oct 26 for a price of Rs 48k. For the users thinking to buy iPhone 4 or 4S, this is probably the best time to make a purchase. Which one are you planning to buy?

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