iPad Mini Will Dominate Holiday Sales, Destroying Three Prime Products

Apple’s iPad Mini will be launching soon and analysts say it will kill few other products that are in the market as of now. Those may be Amazon’s Kindle Fire, Apple’s own iPod Touch, and RIM’s PlayBook. Let’s find out how. The Kindle Fire HD By Amazon Kindle is a strong contender but the Amazon tablet is smaller than the size of the iPad Mini and the brand is also inferior to Apple. It is obvious that Apple fan base won’t go for $200 tablet, though it runs on Android. Google fans are also not much enthusiastic about the new Kindle because Amazon uses the Android but cut Google out of all the revenue. Only good thing about Kindle is, it is inexpensive and easy to buy. ipad miniApple iPod Touch Apple iPod touch is small, sleek and cheap, but the fact is, it is old. It is a cool device and has some advantages of iPhone apps but it’s a gone story. The cheapest iPod Touch comes in $200 whereas iPad Mini will come a slightly more than that. So, it is always better to get iPad Mini instead of iPod Touch. The RIM BlackBerry PlayBook The biggest problem of this product is marketing. How many of you ever heard the name? The company claims to have sold 130,000 PlayBooks in 2012, but comparing to Apple, it has sold 17 million iPads during the same time period. However, the company is optimistic to get a high in this competition market. In line with the competition, RIM has upgraded the OS and also stresses on corporate security. But RIM has minimum chance to compete with iPad Mini. iPad USP is apps and interface, not security, even in the enterprise market. It is believed that the iPad Mini will contain certain surprises. Analysts predict it will probably support current iPad apps and feature top shelf Apple quality fit and finish high grade materials. The most significant factor is the price, almost half of the current iPad. Do share your own views too.

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