iPad Mini To Be Wi-Fi Only Tablet

The widely awaited Apple’s iPad Mini is not thought to be capable of running on 3G or 4G and solely depend on Wi-Fi, instead. According to The Guardian, to keep the cost down, Apple will come up with iPad that runs in Wi-Fi. The announcement will be on October and iPad Mini is “imminent”, but will connect via Wi-Fi only, The paper said. The publication also said that Apple would overhaul its existence iPad to make it compatible with 4G network available in UK. ipad mini The rumor of releasing iPad Mini in October is now quite looming over the chart, as it is reported by Fortune that Apple will send an invitation to media on Oct.10 for the Oct.17 event where the company will reveal the new gadget. Another report in August by AllThingsD says that Apple was planning to hold event in October. Despite any formal announcement from Apple officials, it is widely believed that the company will hold the event on Oct.17 to publicize its new iPad Mini. According to the industrial sources, the new tablet will have a 7.85 inch display with a lower resolution than the existing 9.7 inch model. The new iPad Mini will compete against Google’s Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD. Both tablets are almost the same size and available in less price. The recent revelation of Wi-Fi only iPad could be terminal issue for Apple because the brand recently faced harsh criticism for Maps app and camera in iPhone 5. The competition is tough where Google, Amazon and Samsung come with less priced tablets and smartphones, and Apple is still relying on its brand value. The main motto of launching iPad Mini with Wi-Fi only is to let the cost down, so as to allow the company to compete against other 7 inch rivals. That tablet is tipped to go on the market on November, but still not clear whether it will launch in US only.

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