iOS Apps crashes more often than Android Apps – surprising revelation

The loyal fans of Apple iOS and Google Android always fight on which operating system is stable, where do apps crash more often. Until now, the opinion has largely been subjective and qualitative without any basis of numbers. Not anymore. A mobile apps monitoring startup called Crittercism monitors the application crashes and crash reports on a real-time basis. Right now the startup is tracking the crash reports only for two mobile os such as iOS and Android. Based on the data collected so far, the company has released a study which reveals that iOS apps crash more often than Android Apps…does it prick the apple fans? Take a look at the details of study:

Crittercism monitored 23 different iOS versions and 33 different Android OS Versions across 214 million apps between the period December 1 and December 15 2011. As you can see from the table below, iOS apps crashes more often than Android apps (as much 75% crashes were on iOS platform). Since iOS 5.0.1 is the bleeding edge version, you can give some benefit of doubt but still the app crash percentage is formidable! Even the older and stable iOS versions had more apps crashing. We had questions on distribution of platforms in terms of absolute numbers. Crittercism mentioned that there were 162 million iOS app launches vs 52 million Android app launches. So, they normalized the data. So the percentage of crash is against the percentage of app launch. So even if the android representation was low, the data is normalized.

Mobile Operating system version Percentage crash (%)
iOS 5.0.1 28.64
iOS 5.0 4.8
iOS 5.1 .02
iOS 4.3.4 0.52
iOS 4.3.5 8.96
iOS 4.3.3 10.66
iOS 4.3.1 1.38
iOS 4.3.2 1.36
iOS 4.3 0.96
iOS 4.2.10 12.64
iOS 4.2.8 0.29
iOS 4.2.7 0.03
iOS 4.2.6 0.25
iOS 4.2.1 0.25
iOS 4.0.1 0.25
iOS 4.2 0.03
iOS 4.0 0.25
iOS 4.1 8.24
Android 4.0.1 1.04
Android 3.2.1 0.2
Android 3.2 0.05
Android 3.1 0.09
Android 2.3.1 0.05
Android 2.3.2 0.10
Android 2.3.3 3.86
Android 2.3.4 3.65
Android 2.3.5 0.97
Android 2.3.6 0.37
Android 2.3.7 1.04
Android 2.2.3 0.05
Android 2.2.2 1.3
Android 2.2.1 1.01
Android 2.2 0.77
Android 1.6 0.40
Android Other 0.54


Why does Mobile apps crash more often? When this question was asked to the founder and CEO of crittercism Andrew Levy, few answers popped up. There are number of reasons why an application crash.

– Hardware issues

– Nature of internet connection [whether 3G or WiFi]

– Whether internet is on?

– Use of GPS services or camera

– Language support

– Memory problems [if an app uses too much of memory]

– Usage of third party services such as analytics or advertising systems.

– Constant upgrade of apps and bug fixing.

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