[Sponsored] Introducing Honor, the global digital brand for the mobile generation

“Meet Honor, a brand for the brave”

Honor is an independent internet smartphone brand under Huawei. Honor is committed to be a global leading digital brand for the mobile generation. It is a brand for users who have grown up in the internet era and take a positive attitude towards life… and is hence a brand ‘for the brave’. All the Honor products enjoy global aesthetics, super processing technology and massive patent support.


Honor products were launched in October 2014 with Flipkart.com in India and have received overwhelming response from the customers. The success of Honor products like Honor 3C and Honor 6 has reinforced the company’s commitment. Honor’s differential lies in its quality, ability to innovate and each product is a result of extensive research and development. Honor is looking at putting concerted efforts towards understanding the best and exclusive marketing model for each of its focus markets, so that it could best cater to the customers in these markets. In India, Honor recently announced the launch of www.hihonor.in, an online platform for consumers to get a first-hand understanding of Honor smartphones and also share their brave stories. Honor also launched the India Honor Twitter and Facebook pages to connect with the young digital natives in India.

The #TestOfHonor is the latest activity from Honor, which gives users an interactive experience to test the battery life in its to-be-launched devices and test its patented “Smart Power” battery-saving technologies.

Going forward, Honor’s focus will be on emerging markets with India as its priority market.  To testify this, Honor has set up a research and development centre in Bangalore, which accommodates up to 3,000 engineers. This is a result of an investment over US$ 170 million (Rs 1,051 crores approx). The R&D centre plays a key role in component development and is the delivery centre of Huawei for the global markets, and has ownership of almost all software platforms, components and products being developed in India.  Additionally, the company has set up a Global Network Operations Centre (GNOC) in Bangalore, the first GNOC outside of China, which is functional in providing various facilities, technologies , applications, and resources for global managed services.

Honor believes the world would be a better place if each of us knew and nurtured our own greatest strength. Honor may not be the biggest or the loudest or may not conform to all the stereotypes, but it knows where the brand’s strengths lie and focusses on building those for the consumers.

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