Go into overdrive with the new Intex Aqua Speed

“The Intex Aqua Speed is a speedy, well-priced smartphone”

It’s amazing how the budget performance smartphone category has grown in India over the past few months. You no longer need to have deep pockets to own a capable smartphone, and to give credit where it’s due, the brands that are driving this change deserve kudos. Intex is a well-known Indian brand that has quite a few notable offerings, but its latest, the Aqua Speed, takes things to a whole new level.


With all that it offers for its asking price of Rs 7,666, the Aqua Speed falls right into the truly compelling budget performance category, and in fact, is among the lowest priced smartphones in India with 2GB of RAM. The advantages of ample RAM can’t be overstated – 2GB ensures smooth performance even with multiple apps running in the background, and graphics intensive games run without hiccups too. The end result is that your smartphone usage experience gets a major boost.

 Intex-Aqua-Speed-024 Intex-Aqua-Speed-042

Clad in a matte white body and a copper trim on the side, the Aqua Speed looks quite stylish, and boasts solid build quality. The compact size makes it very handy, and easy to use with a single hand too.

The other specs of the Aqua Speed include a 4.5-inch qHD IPS Full Lamination display, a 1.3GHz MediaTek MT6582M quad-core processor, 8-megapixel autofocus rear camera with an LED flash, a 5MP selfie-friendly shooter in the front, 3G, dual-SIM support, and a healthy 16GB of internal storage. You can add up to 32GB more via the microSD card slot. The 16GB internal is quite notable as well, as most other smartphones in the same price range offer 8GB or lower. The Intex Aqua Speed is now shipping with Android Lollipop out of the box, and that’s another feather in its cap.

Intex-Aqua-Speed-screen-001 Intex-Aqua-Speed-screen-003 Intex-Aqua-Speed-screen-004

There’s tons on offer software-wise too. The device supports 21 Indian languages, and comes with features like auto call record and apps such as Intex Zone, Opera Mini, Intex Play, OLX, Recharge it Now, Intex Service, Askme, and Lets Buy Intex preloaded. That’s not it however, as you also get quite a few other tweaks that make using the Aqua Speed a pleasure.

Intex-Aqua-Speed-screen-005 Intex-Aqua-Speed-screen-006 Intex-Aqua-Speed-screen-007

Take for instance, the Smart Gestures. These let you control a few aspects of the phone just by waving your hand over the front camera. The functionality covers browsing photos in the gallery, shooting images, navigating music tracks, switching home screens, and controlling the FM radio. Then there are the Smart Wake features which can be used directly on the screen even when it’s off and the device is on standby. These include double-tap-to-wake, swipe up to unlock, swipe down to pause music, and swipe right or left to switch to the next or previous song in your music list. You can also draw the letter ‘c’ on the screen to launch the camera, ‘e’ to launch the browser, ‘w’ for the file manager, ‘m’ for music, and ‘o’ to access the phone app. These gestures can even be customised to launch any app of your choosing, so you can set ‘w’ to launch WhatsApp for example.


The other features include SMS popups that let you view and reply to messages directly without interrupting your current tasks, controlling music from the drop-down notification panel, and using the volume keys or the wired headset to shoot pictures.

With its loaded specs, smooth performance and handy software features designed to ensure convenience and ease of use, the Intex Aqua Speed promises superb bang for the buck for Rs 7,666. Let’s just put it this way – the brand wasn’t off the mark when it chose to name this baby ‘Speed’.

For more on the Aqua Speed, check it out on the Intex website.

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