Intel working on low power consumption Ivy Bridge chip

Very soon we may see Intel chips coming up with less power consumption feature. The software giant is on one such mission and it may be with Ivy Bridge Chip. microsoft-surface-pro-back-2 Intel is working on slashing the power consumption drastically for its future versions of the chip. So far the Ivy Bridge is Intel’s most power efficient chip and it is now widely being used in Windows ultra books and Apple’s MacBook Air. It consumes about 17 watts. So, it can be assumed that future version of this chip would be rated well under this. It is understood the future low power consumption chip would be used by PC manufacturers in tablets as Microsoft has already been using Intel’s existing Ivory Bridge Core i5 chip in its Surface Pro tablet. However, Microsoft is using currently the chip used in the Surface Pro is expected to be an existing 17-watt variety. Well, Microsoft is an exception here as most of the 10 and 11 inchers Windows 8 PCs such as HP’s Envy x2 are using Intel’s Z2760 system-on-chip. Although, it is power efficient for Intel silicon, but the Z2760 is falling far short of Ivy Bridge’s performance. This has given negative impact on few PC makers. Today’s tablets are being built on ARM based chips that are thinner much thinner and lighter. The power usage on ARM chips is valued at below 2 watts and the devices with such chips offer all-day battery life. Intel is already working to push power usage down on its future main line silicon. The timing of the chip’s entry is anonymous. At least, it is not coming this year.

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