With Intel’s True Key, YOU are the password

“With Intel’s True Key app, cumbersome passwords can soon be passé”

Intel, the brand that helps power billions of desktops, laptops, phones, tablets and more, is now set to revolutionise the decade-old method of accessing websites and devices. Intel Security, formerly McAfee, which the chip giant acquired a couple of years ago, showcased a working solution for this problem at this year’s CES and MWC.

Intel True Key

Monikered True Key, it’s a cross-platform app and offers multi-stage authentication for added security. It will become commercially available by the middle of this year.

Instead of relying on passwords, the app ties your identity to unique physical features. These include your facial characteristics or fingerprints. Along with that, the app can also authenticate on the basis of device proximity. To make it even more secure, the app can also use a secondary authentication method. For instance, after it detects you via your face, you can also swipe on the True Key app in your smartphone. You can also add more authentication stages such as fingerprints and master password (up to five) to make it even more hack-proof and secure.

Now the question is what all can you gain access to via the app? Well, True Key allows you to integrate websites, so that you can visit them via a single click once it authenticates you. This means, the access to your email, social networks or even banking websites, remains solely with you. All the data, be it to access True Key or the passwords to different websites added by you are encrypted with AES-256, which is one of the strongest standards for encryption.

Intel True Key

Not only is this method much better than remembering cumbersome passwords, it’s also more secure and hack-proof since there are lesser chances of your password being stolen or being susceptible to phishing attacks.

Being a cross-platform solution, the app will work across computers running Windows or Mac OS as well as smartphones powered by Android or iOS. Web browsers like Chrome and Firefox are supported too.

Apart from providing you one-click access to your favourite websites, True Key also has several other tricks up its sleeve. With Password Generator, you can generate a random password by providing your requirements such as its length, and whether numbers, special characters or capital letters are required or not. There’s also a Wallet feature with which you can save details of your credit cards, passport and more so you can access them whenever you want, yet they remain totally secure from hackers. Another useful option is of Safe Notes allowing you to save any text in an encrypted manner.

Intel True Key Android Intel True Key Android 1

The free tier of True Key allows you to access up to 15 websites. However, if you want to add more, then you need to shell out $19 for an annual subscription. Although the service is yet to be released commercially, interested users can join the waitlist at www.truekey.com to get access to a limited preview edition. The service will also come preinstalled on HP and Lenovo devices.

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