Intel RealSense Snapshot in action on the Dell Venue 8 7000

“Get a taste of Intel’s RealSense Snapshot right now and get ready to be amazed”

We’ve talked about Intel’s RealSense camera technology in depth before, and discussed the nifty tricks it brings to the table such as 3D scanning, gesture recognition, background removal, and its Snapshot depth sensing feature. It all may sound very futuristic, but the fact is, it’s available now and anyone can get a taste of it. Snapshot, in particular, is extremely exciting, and the only device it’s available on at the moment is the Dell Venue 8 7000 tablet. We simply had to check it out for ourselves for a closer look, and what we saw left us astounded.


In a nutshell, the technology uses three camera lenses instead of just one, and thanks to this, adds an extra dimension of depth to all pictures you shoot. While you may see the image you shot as a regular 2D photograph on the device’s screen, the tech can, in fact, identify different objects in the image separately, based on their distance from the camera. For one, this enables some very cool refocus effects wherein you can choose to focus on either the foreground or the background (or anything in between), and blur the rest.


Since the image is actually captured in layers, you can just focus on different things or people with a mere touch, blurring out the rest for an artistic feel. What’s more, you can even use different filters or effects on different parts of the image – just what the doctor ordered if you’ve been thinking of a cool way to explore your creative side.

But changing focus after shooting is just one part of the story. Another innovation that RealSense Snapshot offers is giving you real-world distances between two objects in your image. For example, if you’ve shot your nephew trying out a trampoline, the image could tell you the how high he jumped.


This also means that you can even get measurements of objects such as furniture just by shooting them with the camera on the Dell Venue 8 7000. All you need to do is tap on two different point in the image, and it’ll tell you the actual distance between the two. So as you can imagine, not only is the technology very cool, it also has some very real use cases.

While it may be a tad ironic that such awesome camera technology is available on a tablet and not a smartphone (since slates aren’t exactly our first choice when it comes to shooting devices), we wouldn’t be exaggerating when we say it does make us go weak in the knees with its sheer usefulness. We’ll let you check out a video showing RealSense Snapshot in action on the Dell Venue 8 7000, as we go back to mulling over what else one could use this tech for. If only we could show you high we’re jumping with excitement…

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