Once fiction, now a reality: how Intel’s RealSense is turning reel life into real life

“Let’s look at some cinematic scenarios which are now possible with RealSense™ cameras”

Intel seems determined to revolutionise the way we interact with our PC cameras. By combining the standard camera with an infrared camera and an infrared laser projector, Intel’s  RealSense™ tech brings the ability to sense depth. Devices with these cameras are making their way to the market with their enhanced scene capturing abilities and diverse use cases. And we can’t help but notice how RealSense™ is inadvertently turning cinematic sci-fi computing into a tangible reality. To give you a few examples, here are some ‘futuristic’ scenes from the movies that are now possible with RealSense™.

Gesture control from Minority Report

Mice and keyboards are things of the past… now all you now to do is wave! Yup… just like the computer in Fox Entertainment’s TV show Minority Report, inspired by Tom Cruise’s action flick by the same name… with RealSense™ cameras you can control your PC with hand gestures.

Motion Tracking game from Ra.One

What SRK depicted on-screen, Intel has created off-screen. Just like the motion based video-game in Ra.One, with RealSense™ you too can play games without touching your machine. With its ability to track and map gesture-based controls, you can control games with gestures. Use your palm as a ping-pong bat or pretend to steer an imaginary wheel… it’s all possible now with RealSense™ cameras.

Air sketches from Iron Man

Don’t you just love the way Tony Stark creates his designs by just waving and signalling in the air? It would be so cool if you could do something similar. Well… now you can! With an Intel RealSense™ camera, you can create, rotate, revolve and even swipe across your designs. In fact you can zoom in or out of a picture with a simple pinch in the air. Surreal, but real.

Calling from Robot

Nope! We’re not referring to holograms… but something even more realistic. Don’t you sometimes hate when you see the distracting background behind a person while video calling? Well, Rajnikant might have unlocked the secrets to this hologram back in 2010, but what we’re seeing now is RealSense™’s immersive chat. Apart from cropping and displaying the person on the screen, it also allows you to replace the background or use it as an area where you can collaborate together.

Voice Assistance like Her

Her is a story of a guy falling in love with an artificial intelligence based on voice recognition. And you too will fall in love with Dragon Assistant designed for Intel RealSense™. It allows you to find answers, search for content, play music and do much more. You can also dictate text in any text field. But, the beauty is that it understands your voice in a natural fashion and even learns and improves over time.

3D plan in Don 2

In a scene from Shahrukh Khan’s Don 2, we see the heist plan map come alive on screen in a 3D model. Guess what? RealSense™ cameras allow you to scan in 3D. Since they are able to capture depth, your images become three dimensional and you can revolve the captured objects around and have fun with it. For those in design, this tech might be a boon as it is also able to compute measurements and dimensions of the objects.

Self-Driving cars like Transformers


Transformers was about aliens in the guise of self-driven vehicles, but with RealSense™, Intel can at least make the latter part true. Yup… RealSense™ technology acts as a co-pilot for cars. With gesture and facial recognition one is able to enter a car without a key, and the driver cams will alert you if and when you are distracted. Also, the cameras in front are able to recognise and respond to various road signs. This tech will soon be implemented in cars and will become more widespread.

3D Printing like Mission Impossible

Remember the Davian mask from MI 3? How cool it felt to see a mask getting printed in 3D. This too is now possible with Intel’s new RealSense™ technology, where one can print and scan in 3D. With depth being added, machines have a whole new dimension to play with. 3D printers are already becoming mass market, and so are 3D scanners. But the ability to scan an object straight from the camera and print it out in the third dimension is unbelievable. In fact, Intel demoed this feature live at the launch of RealSense™ technology.

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