Intel Desperate To Get Into Smartphone Market

If speculations are to be believed then the chip giant Intel is desperate to get into the smartphone market. And for that, the company has hired former Palm and Apple vice president Mike Bell as vice president and director of its smartphone product development. Bringing in over 16 years of his telecom experience to the company, Bell will help drive Intel’s smartphone strategy. In his new role, Bell will lead a team with the charter to build breakthrough smartphone reference designs with the explicit intent of accelerating Intel Architecture into the market, said the company. “Bell brings to Intel a broad range of technology experience and skills, including product development and design, hardware and software engineering and product strategy.” He was previously responsible for all aspects of product strategy, development and deployment at Palm since 2007 and were responsible for the Palm PRE and the Palm PIXI. Prior to that, he was a VP with Apple from 1991 to 2007 and made ‘significant contributions’ to the iMac, Apple TV, and iPhone programmes. Meanwhile, some media reports also suggests that Intel is about to acquire the wireless communications division of chip firm Infineon. This acquisition, if happens, would give the company greater access to wireless chip technology, and further make it one of the major suppliers of phone chipsets.

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