Instagram losing its subscribers

Instagram, one of the world’s most successful photo app has been losing its subscribers at an alarming rate. The app was recently acquired by Facebook earlier this year. Instagram One of the prime reasons for this being the changes in policies and terms and conditions that became effective post Facebook acquired the famous photo app. Facebook has had problems in the past as well with its policy regarding sharing of its data with the advertisers. Instagram gained popularity as a photo app not just because of its unique filters but also because of the personalised service that it provided which ensured data privacy and security. Post Instagram got acquired by Facebook, Facebook emphasised that it has the authority to sell its photos to the advertisers. If an organisation gives its revenue generation techniques topmost priority compromising at the expense of its customers privacy and their demands and rights then it what follows is not a surprise. The customers of Instagram felt that their privacy and security has been compromised upon and therefore they started getting rid of this app. Considering this the company tried to appease its customers and one of the co founders in his blogs said “ It is not our intention to sell your photos,” . Well, then we might ask as to why was there a need to share the pics with the advertisers ?  Facebook later modified the terms and conditions and policies regarding sales of personal pics to advertisers however this has not helped in regaining the customer confidence. This news affected the stock price of Facebook as well which dropped nearly 3%.

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