Instagram launches 15-seconds video sharing feature to take on Vine

Instagram rose to the popularity as one of the best photography app for smartphones. Its easy to use interface and adding filters to make photographs look interesting made it a hit among casual users and enthusiasts all over the world for capturing a moment. Eventually Instagram was bought by Facebook to enhance their presence on mobile devices.

But, images are not the only way of capturing a moment, another and maybe even better way is to capture a video. And, that’s where Vine (a company bought by Twitter) comes into the play. Vine’s claim to fame was ability to share short 6 seconds video for sharing a moment. It seems that Facebook is seriously competing against Twitter as just after few days of launching the ability to use hash tags in Facebook, it has launched video functionality to its Instagram app which allows capturing and sharing of videos of up to 15 seconds.

How to use it?

Whenever one goes to photo mode on Instagram, they’ll see a movie camera icon along with earlier still camera icon, tapping the movie camera icon will enter into video mode. For recording the video, press and hold the record button. The recording can also be paused by simply taking the finger off from the record button, this also allows to record multiple clips. Once the video is captured, user can edit it by removing the last clip or deleting it altogether, and also add 13 filters which work similar to images. It must be noted that you must capture minimum of 3 seconds video, else it will not be saved.

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What’s better than Vine?

Tap to Focus

In Instagram, while recording the video, if you want to focus on a particular object then simply tapping it on the screen will bring more focus to it. However this option doesn’t exists in Vine since clicking on the screen records the video.


The success of Instagram can easily be attributed to the ability of using filters for enhancing the images. Instagram offers same capability for videos by giving 13 filters like Vesper, Dogpatch, Skyline, etc which is not available in Vine.

Cover Frame

People will only be interested in seeing your captured video if the video thumbnail excites them, Instagram gives the option to users by choosing a “Cover Frame” from the video to set as the cover image of the video.


Instagram gives user the ability to edit the captured video by deleting most recent clicked clip. Though, its cumbersome as to delete the clip in middle, one has to delete all the clips after it firstly, but still its better than Vine, as it doesn’t provide any such capability.

Image Stabilization

To end the wobbly video woes, Instagram offers a Cinema feature for iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 which stabilizes the video. However, such feature is not available for Android users or previous models of iPhone.

Which devices can use Instagram for Videos?

Video on Instagram can be used by Android and iOS users. However, the app only supports Android 4.1 or above for recording videos, and they can be watched in older Android versions. Also, it’s compatible with iPhone 3GS device or later running iOS 5.0 and above.

Download: Android | iOS

Other Apps

It’s pertinent to note that while Instagram and Vine are the best ways to capture short-videos, they’re not the only option.

An app called Cinemagram lets user capture and share short 4 seconds video. Another app called Cinemagraph developed by Nokia for Windows Phone users, allows creation of short 3-4 seconds animated gif image.

Even smartphone manufacturers have jumped to this bandwagon, HTC in its flagship smartphone- One gives option of capturing Zoes which is a short 3.6 seconds video.


One always gets pleasure by sharing short and random moments of happiness with others, and apps like Instagram and Vine provides the best way for doing it. Being tied up with big social networks like Facebook and Twitter also helps, as user can just click one button to share their moments with the world. Though Vine has a first mover advantage in this space, Instagram can surely catch up due to its large user base using it for capturing images.

Which app is your favourite and why?

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